How to get rid of pimples

Pimples is inevitable as its part of puberty, mostly in women as it tends to come out at a very young age.

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However, there is a better way to go about such pimples in other for it not to develop into something horrible.

Apply Aloe vera on your face

“Aloe vera contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which makes it effective for the treatment of pimples. You can apply aloe vera on your face twice daily or leave it on overnight and wash it with a gentle cleanser in the morning.

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Use facemask

Pimples can also be treated with homemade face mask, although it’s not a long-time remedy. Face masks contain antioxidant-rich products that help soothe the skin and prevent future breakouts

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  1. Started using Dermal MD anti acne serum it Works very well at keeping my skin under control. My cystic acne has not come back & my pores have gotten smaller. I can actually go somewhere without thinking about putting makeup on first. I personally have had little to no drying of the skin or irritations with sun exposure (and I have sensitive skin). Love it!

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