How To Get Rid Of Phone Addiction

Phone addiction can be a problem in relationship and friendship, it causes a bridge between you and your loved one.

60% of failed relationship are caused by phone addiction, when your partner don’t have time for you it tends to cause a rift between you two, causing a fall out and in most cases a break up.
However, if you fall under the category that are always been dumped because u love you phone more than your partner,
Well worry not! Because here are some tips to help you out:

Mute Your Phone

When your phone is on mute is very hard to get distracted, that way you will have enough time for your partner.

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When you hear your phone beep at a distance, you feel the urge to check your phone. Maybe you have decide not to check your phone right now. Yet, you still hold the thought in your head that you have a pending notification to check but if its mute that way you still have a chance to safe your relationship.

Distance Your Device

If you stick to your smartphone like the bees stick to honey, you might find it impossible to stay away from notifications or putting your phone on mute. If a complete DND is too drastic a step for you, start keeping your phone away for a few hours.

Turn Off Reciept

Resisting the urge to check a notification is no easy, Your best defense to avoid using the phone too much so to cut as many notifications as possible, turn off all notifications that way you won’t be compelled to check it.

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Medical Reasons

Addiction to phones causes digital eye strain, loneliness, depression, constant headache (in some people), neck pain and so on.


It is therefore adviceable to resist your phone sometimes before it becomes an addiction.


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