How To Get Pink Lips – Home Remedy

Now adays everybody wants to have a pink lips and end up spending lots and lots of money just to get, when there is a natural way to get it.

One of the major reasons for lips turning dark is the accumulation of dead cells. Natural lip scrubs are highly effective in slough off dead skin to reveal smooth and soft lips.

Here are some home remedy to make your lips pink:

Honey And Sugar

You might be wondering why mix honey and sugar? But truth be told, these are two natural substance of life.

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How To Make

Take one tablespoon brown sugar or white sugar and one tablespoon honey. Simply mix the ingredients together to prepare the scrub.

Mint & Lemon

Mint is not just medicinal it also does a good job when it comes to your lips.

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How To Make

Crush 5-6 mint leaves and squeeze half a lemon to it. Add a few drops of honey to make the mixture easy to apply on the lips

Lemon & Sugar

The combination of lemon and sugar is very effective but for some people they would say its too hot on the lips but as the saying goes “beauty is pain”.

How To Make

Cut out a slice of lemon and sprinkle some sugar on it. Rub the lemon slice on the lips for about 2-3 minutes.

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