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Almost every millennial in today’s modern world has a myriad of YouTuber personalities and channels that they follow. YouTube has become an amazing phenomenon from the time it began until now. While it started as a platform that allowed people to upload videos, nobody could have foreseen it becoming one of the most popular entertainment platforms on the planet.

Because it is so popular, more people than ever are trying to become famous YouTubers. However, wanting to and actually becoming a popular YouTube star are two totally different things. Here are some things that can help you to pursue your goal of being popular on YouTube.


There is one common denominator that exists on all popular YouTube channels, and that is value. This means that the channel provides valuable information, or that the viewers find value in the entertainment that is provided on each video. The videos that fail, or that get very few views, are those that don’t provide much value.

It’s important to understand that people perceive value in many different ways. One person may see value in the production value of the video with the music, lighting, resolution, etc. Others may determine value based on the actual content being shared and whether or not it is helpful.

If you look at other popular YouTubers, for example, Starbomb and YouTube host personality star Dan Avidan, you can see that he spends a lot of time on his high-quality music, character personalities, etc. If you can do it all like Dan, and combine the value of production value, entertainment, and content messaging, then you have the best formula for success.

If you aren’t quite sure where to start, the best way to start singling out these elements is by watching and mimicking those who are successful on the platform. Literally, get a pen and paper out and start writing down the formulas of videos, what the YouTube stars are doing in order to start seeing the consistent themes that exist on some of the most popular channels on YouTube.

Get Started

Becoming a YouTube star doesn’t happen overnight. Because of this, just getting started is very important. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be famous at first, but you need practice making videos, editing them, delivering content, etc. in order to find your groove and your own style.

This means that you need to be ok with failing at first. Many YouTubers who are popular started out making channels around very different types of content until they found the content/passion/niche that they fit into the best and then solely focused on it. Making a lot of videos will not only give you the experience that you need, but it will also help you to quickly find the areas where you excel and can then capitalize and focus more of your time and attention on.

In conclusion, becoming a YouTube star takes a lot of patience, and ultimately a lot of trial and error. Over time, and with enough effort, the chances of success greatly increase. Good luck!

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