How to enable Windows 11 UI elements in Chrome

The Windows 11 operating system includes a redesigned user interface and rounded corners, in keeping with Microsoft’s new design language released with the operating system. However, applications are still behind in adapting to the new menu design, resulting in an inconsistency in the user experience.

While this isn’t a serious issue and has no effect on how the applications perform, having an updated user interface makes it more enjoyable to use them. Fortunately, Google Chrome allows users to convert those sharp-edged menus to more rounded ones, resulting in a better overall user experience.


In this step-by-step explanation, we’ll teach you how to use flags to enable the new Windows 11 UI features in the Chrome browser.

How to enable Windows 11 UI elements in Chrome

Step 1: Launch the Google Chrome web browser on your computer. You can either open it from the pinned apps on the taskbar, Start Menu, or by searching for it.

Step 2: When Chrome opens, go to the Chrome flags page by entering the below-mentioned address in the address bar and hitting Enter on your keyboard.



Step 3: Now, on the Chrome flags page, type Windows 11 style in the search bar for the UI element flag.

Step 4: From the search result, click on the drop-down menu present on the far right edge of the ‘Windows 11 Style Menus’ option and select the ‘Enabled-All Windows Versions’ option.


Step 5: After making that change, click on the relaunch button at the bottom right of Chrome for the changes to take effect.

That’s all. When you reopen the Google Chrome browser on your PC, you will see a rounded menu layout that matches the rest of the UI interface across the new Windows 11 operating system.

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