How To Do Your Manicure At Home Perfectly

Manicure should be something you get used to as your nails could contain bacteria which could actually affect your health.

Here are ways to take care of your nails properly without being affected by bacteria and fungal;

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Clean your nails

Before starting your manicure, use a cotton bud or nail wipes to clean your nails and take off any oils or dirt, as well as your old nail polish.

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Trim your nails

Using the nail file, cut and trim your nails to the shape you want. Trim the sides and top of your nails gently with your nail file. It will brighten up your nails and get rid of ridges.

Exfoliate your hands

Gently exfoliate your hands for two to three minutes with a body scrub. You can make use of olive oil and brown sugar if you don’t have a body scrub. All you have to do is to mix the olive oil and brown sugar and then apply it to your hands. It will help get rid of dry cells.

Moisturize your hands

After removing the scrub, gently apply a rich moisturizer to your hands.

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