How To Digitize Your Old Photos and Videos To Avoid Lost Memories


Before the inception of digitalization, we used to take pictures (this was a time of print images), and watch videos on cassette (VHS tape).

You probably had a photo album in your home, where every picture had a story attached to it and reliving the precious memories captured in the VHS Tapes.


Then came the digital era. The digital photos took place of printed photos. The VHS tapes are now a story from the past. In fact, tapes and video players are an extinct technology.


Just recently, I was having a conversation with my cousin, who shared memories of how he recorded hit songs and went to shows, as an underground artist he was making waves in the university.

So, when I asked for some of his recorded songs and photos, his jaw dropped.


Unfortunately they were in a cassette tape and film photographs, only for him to break the news that they were lost, apparently he wasn’t able to save them on a digital platform.


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Hence I’ve decided to share how one can digitize vintage photos, audios or even videos.


Once digitized, you’ll no longer need to worry about that old media fading over time.



Instead, it can be automatically repaired with smart software (think restoring color, removing redeye and stitching rips), and organized and easily searched by keyword (on a computer, tablet, phone or online cloud site).


Scanning the photos with your phone:

If you don’t have many old photos or videos to digitize them, don’t invest money in a scanner. But if there are many photos and videos, you should consider buying a good scanner.


It will help you restore your memories in a better way. The result would be a quality result.


If you do not have the resources to buy a scanner, you can use the online scanners.


However, this is a longer process because you have to manually set each picture according to the size, edit them and then let your phone scan them.


Then you save the digital copies to your drive. Some of the popular scanners are Google PhotoScan, Microsoft Office Lens, and TurboScan.


These apps can scan, crop, and rotate, as well as add filters. However, keep in mind that the output of these apps is not as good as that of scanners.


Google Photoscan

Google’s Photoscan app, available for iOS and Android, is one of their lesser-known projects. It uses your smartphone’s camera to scan and digitize photos by taking a series of images to eliminate glare and then combining them.


Outsource it

If you’re short on time, or don’t think you’re tech-savvy enough to do it on your own, you can leverage it, there are several companies that do the scanning for you when you send them your photos.


Companies like the aptly named will send a box to your home, large enough to pack up 1,800 photos, says the company.


iMemories is another of such company, digitizing everything from negatives and slides to regular prints. If you’ve got videotapes, they also offer the option to transfer them to DVD or Blu-ray.


No matter what your circumstances are, everyone should consider scanning old photos or videos It may take some time or money, but the benefits of protecting old photos outweigh the cost.



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