How to delete System Restore Points in Windows 11

Microsoft provides System Restore Point in the Windows operating system, which comes in handy when you wish to revert your system to an earlier state in case you are experiencing problems with the OS’s operation. This utility allows you to easily restore the operating system to a previous working condition.

A single restore point can consume up to 0.6GB of hard drive space, and the system can have several restore points. If your computer is in fine working order but you’re running low on disk space, you can erase outdated Windows restore points to free up some space. We will show you how to delete System Restore Points on your Windows 11 PC in this step-by-step instruction.


How to delete System Restore Points in Windows 11

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Windows 11 computer by pressing Windows + I keys on the keyboard.

Step 2: When the Settings opens, click the “System” category in the left side pane.

Step 3: Now, select the “About” tile on the right pane of the System app.

Step 4: In the “About settings” page, click on the link “System protection” which will open the System Properties window.


Step 5: When the “System Properties” window opens, select the “System Protection” tab.

Step 6: Now, select the drive from which you want to delete the system restore point and click the “Configure” button.


Step 7: If you want to free up the whole storage, click the “Delete” button.


That’s all. When you complete the preceding instructions, all system restore points for that drive will be removed.

If you’re eliminating system restore points to free up storage space, you can also limit the amount of storage space taken up by system restore points by setting the “Max Usage” value in the System Protection tab of the System Properties window. When the Max Usage limit is reached, older system restore points are destroyed first.

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