How To Deal With Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is inevitable, it occurs during the dry season. Hair breakage is caused by dry scalp and it can lead to hair damage.

In other to be on a safer side, its advice to do the needful to keep you hair protected.

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Here are what you must do;

1. Wash and condition your hair daily, but gently.

Keep your hair neat always, try to wash it properly and wash out with enough water so it will come out nice.

2. Try to let your hair air dry when possible. 

You can dry your hair with a hand dryer but its advicable to let it air dry because that’s the best way to dry a hair.

3. Make sure all weaves and extensions are light so they don’t pull on the scalp.

Making of tight braids can also lead to hair breakage because the hair starts to pull on your scalp causing it to break in the process.

4. Oil your hair

It is very necessary to feed your hair with enough oil, not too much but the right amount of oil.