How to Create the Perfect Makeup for Fair Skin

It can be difficult to find makeup that complements a very fair complexion. Many colors end up looking overly heavy or garish against fair skin. However, there are many colors and styles of makeup that suit pale skin well. This article covers how to determine which colors suit you best as well as a basic day and evening look that suit fair complexions.

Find the Color Family that Suits You Best

  1. Determine your skin’s undertones.

    • You will have either warm undertones (yellow, peach or red) or cool undertones (pink, violet or blue).
    • A quick trick is looking at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they are blue or purple, you have cool undertones. If they appear greenish or even yellowish, you have warm undertones [1].
    • Cool skin tones look best in white, black, gray, navy blue, blue-toned red, bright pink, jewel tones, and icy pastels [2].
    • Warm skin tones look best in orange, gold, olive, ivory, peach, light pink, aqua, and bright green.
  2. Choose makeup within your color family.

    • Avoid very bright or dark makeup, as it can look garish against very pale skin. Choose muted shades in your color family or apply makeup lightly.
    • In general, pinks, nudes, and cherry reds suit fair complexions.

A Makeup Look for Everyday Wear

  1. Cover any imperfections. Choose a fair concealer that matches your skin’s undertones. Apply the concealer with a light hand to avoid a cakey look, and leave freckles uncovered.
    Apply a light dusting of matte powder. Many powders and concealers have an orange tone which can look odd on fair skin. Make sure you find one that matches your undertone or opt for a translucent powder that won’t add any artificial color to your face. A large, rounded kabuki brush is best for this, as it covers a large surface area and distributes powder evenly.
    Apply a light blush to your cheeks. Choose a blush in your color family, but make sure it is light. Smile to locate the apples of your cheeks and apply blush in a circular motion using a small powder brush.
    Curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of mascara. Opt for clear or brown mascara if black is too strong a look for daytime.
    Line your bottom lashes with white eyeliner. White liner makes your eyes appear bigger and makes you look wide-awake.
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