How To Chose A Nail Polish That Matches Your Personality

Australia, also known as the Land Down Under, is a country of fashion and cultural diversity, and Australians love pretty little things.  Among them, nail art is a popular concept, with Australia’s nail industry met by huge demand from different consumers.

With evident industry growth and projected increase in revenues, it is clear that Australians love having a manicure and changing up their nails from time to time.

While there exists a large market for people who visit nail salons, there exists an equally large market for nail polish and tools for DIY lovers who enjoy or prefer doing their nails on their own.

Experimenting with different nail polish colours is like trying on different outfits from your wardrobe.

You get to express your personality and change up your preferences based on your mood, almost as if nail polish was a fashion accessory.

Putting on nail polish can also be highly therapeutic for many, so you will easily find enjoyment in switching up your nail colours from time to time.

From dark and pastel colours to holographic nail polish, Australia has tons of nail polish available in the market, so your options are almost limitless.

Depending on your personality, you may find yourself gravitating towards specific nail colours or styles. Thus, if you are unsure of what colour you should use next, you can consider selecting one based on your personality or mood.

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Conservative: Sheers and Nudes

If you are a classic gal with more of a conservative side, you will likely enjoy using sheer and nude colours to give your nails some accent without overdoing it.

The traditional French manicure will surely be a go-to as it gives off a classic and professional vibe. You may be thinking that this style has long gone out of trend, but the truth is that it is back and more popular than ever.

In fact, modern French manicures have evolved out of the standard white tips and pink base look to create more blended and subtle looks.

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Trendy: Holographic Nail Polish

Love following nail trends and different innovations in the industry? If yes, then now is the time to try some holographic nail polish Australia has to offer.

Holographics seems to be a trend in almost every industry–clothing, hair products, and beauty products–so it comes as no surprise that the nail industry has also hopped onto the trend.

Holographic nail polish allows you to recreate that beautiful multi-dimensional and rainbow-reflecting look with a few swipes.

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Adventurous: Reds and Pinks

Red nails are the perfect colour for daring and adventurous personalities. They give off a sultry and playful side, so it is no surprise that the colour is often associated with love and romantic imagery.

A more subdued option would be pink nails, which exude confidence and come in a variety of shades to suit your preferences. Bright pinks, for instance, can show off your adventurous side, whereas pastel pinks give off a more elegant and feminine vibe. Indeed, red and pink shades are the ultimate option for boss babes.

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Edgy: Dark Hues

If you have a more chic and edgy style, you will most likely pull off darker colours extremely well. Black nails, in particular, are a sure way to make a statement as they exude a sense of boldness and mystery.

However, you are not limited to black as you can easily play around with darker shades like mauve, navy, and grey.

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