How To Cheat On Your Partner Without Getting Caught

Cheating in a smooth way without getting caught can be quite difficult.

However, there is a way to do it without your partner noticing.

First thing to note is that changing the side chick or side nigga’s name to someone of the same sex as you just never seem to work nowadays.

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Here are ways to do it without drawing suspension;

1. Make Time For Them Both

The main reason people begin to suspect that their partner is cheating is when that partner never make time for them.

If you can set a cheating schedule, yes I said it, a cheating schedule, where everyone has their own time that way you don’t get caught easily.

2.Have your excuse pre-planned.

Getting caught off-guard while cheating is never good. Always have a plan B tucked into your pocket. Not the physical pill, just an excuse. Overhear a girl’s voice? Annoying co-worker. Looking slightly disheveled? Long day at work. Someone else sees you on a date? A friend from college you ran into at a bar.

Never get caught with your pants down, mouth open or in a lie because backpedaling is the worst form of exercise.

3. Don’t cheat on Your Partner With Someone That Wants More!

Its called cheating for a reason, it should be something temporal where everyone wants to have fun mostly sex and nothing more.

4. Save The Your Side Piece Number As An Office Name

If you have the save the number of your side piece, save it with something that wouldn’t be suspicious, like; My Boss, General Manager, Chief Editor e.t.c.

5. If You Know You Will Feel Guilty And Spill The Beans, Then DON’T DO IT

One thing you should know is that not everyone has the mind to cheat on their partner, if you are one of those people then its advicable not to start what you cannot finish.

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