How To Be A Real Ladies Man

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What is a ladies’ man? When this question comes up, much comes to mind. Confidence, leadership, strength. All these are very good qualities, but what does it really mean to be a ladies’ man? Over the past forty years, the roles of men and women have become largely vague, but being a ladies’ man is a role that will never disappear. This is biology. Maybe it’s obvious, but the truth is that women like men. Yes, it is a well-known fact, moreover, this is the law. But, like every rule, there are exceptions. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them today.

Here are some characteristics that a real man should have:


Many men are confident that being responsible means supporting the family financially. A man also needs to support the family in emotional, spiritual, physical and mental plans. It means taking the necessary actions when circumstances require it and doing everything possible to solve the problems that arise.

Strength is in the deeds

What does this mean? You do not just tell a person that you love them. You can talk a lot and make many promises. A ladies’ man shows his real love and attitude towards his woman with his actions and deeds. For instance, you may not say anything at all to your loved one in a relationship, but do and act for them, showing your true feelings. Otherwise, if there are no deeds, it’s just chatter to have on a Single dating service, mere small talk about love and feelings.


Being a protector means not only physically protecting your woman. It means supporting her self-esteem. One of the best compliments a woman can make to a man is a sense of security in any situation.


A real ladies’ man is a mentor to others in words and in action. He sets high standards and adheres to them, showing an example to others. He always keeps his word, and all his actions express confidence. This is a strong trait in a man because it takes great will to be an example of confidence, leadership, social status.

A ladies’ man must:

Be stronger than her both morally and physically, have his own opinion that does not change under her influence. Confidently make decisions, take responsibility and keep his word; be direct and frank with her, gentle in bed and attentive in life, but never yield to provocations. Be purposeful and smart, able to set a task and perform it under any conditions. Appreciate, but not her exclusively, but your relationship or family. This is how you define a ladies’ man.

Be a lady strong and energetic, she still expects a man stronger than herself. For women, such restrictions (a more passive role) give them enormous psychological benefits. She gets her buzz from a million different situations. A real ladies’ man gives her the right to be a woman with all the ensuing consequences. She receives indulgences for stupidity, whims, indecisiveness, irresponsibility and another hundred thousand shortcomings with which she had to deal herself before the advent of a real man, and now she can just play them, because little depends on her now. A woman will worship a man who simply and gallantly takes away a million problems from her and gives her one goal – to love him! It was about this love that she dreamed starting from her childhood. Love for you, for a man, not for a boy. Now you have an understanding of how to be a ladies’ man.


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