How to Apply False Lashes


What You Need

False Lashes
Lash Adhesive
Tweezers: Not necessary, but they make handling the lashes much easier.
Scissors: Just in case they need to be trimmed.

How to Apply
Carefully remove the lashes from their container using your tweezers. Be aware they will be glued down so lift them gently as not to tear any of the lashes.
Size your lashes by holding them up to your eye to see if you need to make them shorter. If so, trim the outer edges to shorten the length. If you aren’t familiar with fake lashes, start with the accent ones as they are shorter and are easier to apply.

Wrap the lashes around your finger and hold there for about 15 seconds to help mimic the curve of your eye.
Using the Duo Lash Adhesive, apply a thin line to the lashes being careful not to get any of the glue in the lashes themselves. Another way is to apply a small amount of glue to the back of your hand or any flat surface and gently drag the lashes through the glue. You can also take a small brush and dip into the glue and then brush it onto the lash strip.

Hold the lashes for approximately 30-60 seconds to give the adhesive time to set up and get tacky. (you’ll know they’re ready when the glue slightly changes color) Hold the eyelashes in a U shape to help maintain the shape you formed around our finger. You don’t want to glue to dry, just get tacky so they grip onto the eyelid easier.

With either the tweezers or your fingers, take the lashes and looking slightly downward, place the lashes in the middle of your of your natural lashes as close to your lashline as possible. Remember, you don’t actually want these on your lashes, but on the lashline itself.

Once the lashes are set on, take the end of your tweezers and press the lashes into place along the lashline to make sure they adhere. Focus on the ends since that’s what seems to pull away first.
Allow the lashes to sit before curling them or applying eyeliner.
Go over the base of the lashline where the lashes were attached with your eyeliner. This will hide any glue or unevenness in the lashes giving them a natural effect.
Apply your favorite coat of mascara to help meld your natural lashes to the false ones.

And Viola, you are done! Don’t let lashes intimidate you- with just a little practice you can be wearing these in no time. And once you get the hang of putting them on, it goes quickly and becomes an effortless process, giving your eyes all the drama you desire




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