How Taymesan Was Rejected By Parents


Actor, media personality and content creator Temisan Emmanuel Ahwieh popularly known as Taymesan has narrated the mental ordeal he had to face as a teenager whose parents had separated.

The thespian noted that his parents were teenage lovers who separated after bearing him. His grandmother would raise him, and at some point his father made an effort to be part of his life but it was not long-lived as his father would “chose’’ his new wife over the actor.

Taymesan narrated his ordeals during the latest edition of his podcast “Tea With Tay.’’

He said:

“My dad and mum were teenage lovers. They had me early. So, my granny had to raise me. My dad tried at some point. But the only time that he chose me, somebody got in the way. His new wife.I felt rejection on the highest level. I felt that my dad chose his wife over me and has chosen her till today. And his new family.”

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Continuing, Taymesan noted that he was consumed with the zeal to prove people who abandoned him wrong, but that after hitting stardom, he noticed that “so much damage has been done. So, I started asking God to heal me.”

Taymesan has featured in some high profile Nollywood films such as Glamour Girls and Dwindle. His podcast has featured some of the biggest celebrities in Nigeria.

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