How Social Media Trolls Made Waje Cry

Waje/The Voice Nigeria
Waje/The Voice Nigeria

Singer and actor Waje has narrated how trolls on social media made her cry in the past. In an interview with The Nation Newspaper, the singer said:

“Before, I used to actually cry. I honestly believe that people who criticise and troll people are just trying to focus on something to take them away from their problems. Because if truly you are fulfilled and focused on something, you would not have the time to troll others.

“24 hours is not even enough for me. By the time I deal with my daughter and family issues, deal with work, mental issues and even surviving, how many hours do I have? That’s why I do not even do clap backs. When I see someone troll me, I feel that person is subtly venting.

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Continuing, Waje told a story:

“Let me tell you a story, when I was very active on X (twitter), I had a boy who always insulted the living daylight out of me but by the time we finished our conversation, we were best friends. He became one of my armies.”

She further opined that: “Sometimes, people need to understand that everyone is going through something and the fastest way to get through what we are going through is to make the person feel worse than we feel. For the first few minutes of trolling, I might be upset but I move on, I no send them. If you vent to me by trolling me, won’t it to be foolish of me to also respond?”