How Organic Basics developed Silvertech Active Underwear You Can Wear ‘for Weeks’ Without Washing

When the Danes introduced the world to Hygge a few years ago, we were quick to embrace the concept, which promotes coziness, comfort, and feelings of wellness and contentment.

Our Scandinavian neighbors seem to be able to do no wrong at times, but it’s the Danes’ latest wellness product that has us hesitant to jump on board… yet.
Organic Basics is a clothing brand that was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating’sustainable and better made basics.’

“We started out Organic Basics because we were sick of buying, wearing, and throwing away underwear after a few months of wear,” says Mads Fibiger Rasmussen, Co-Founder of Organic Basics.

“We thought the standard of underwear was low, and we knew that underwear brands weren’t exactly adhering to good ethical and environmental standards.” We decided that we could make better underwear while also being ethical.”

Organic Basics recently made headlines in the UK after introducing a new range of basics – Silvertech Active – underwear and activewear that kills 99 percent of bacteria while wearing, allowing you to go weeks between washings.

“Silvertech Active is made from premium Italian mechanically recycled nylon that is seamlessly knit in Portugal and then treated with a safe and permanent bluesign approved recycled silver salt called Polygiene,” Rasmussen says.

“The recycled silver salt inhibits the growth of odor-forming bacteria on the fabric, allowing it to remain fresher for longer.” That treatment can be used to treat just about anything, including underwear.”

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The ultimate goal here is to encourage people all over the world to wash their clothes less often, because the majority of the environmental impact a piece of clothing has comes from washing and drying it – both of which use water and energy. Thus, washing clothing items less frequently is one way to reduce personal water consumption and CO2 emissions.

Organis Basics takes pride in producing higher quality clothing that is also consciously created and designed to last, in addition to being better for the environment.

“That’s our philosophy of making sustainable clothing,” Rasmussen continues. All of our collections are created in ethical factories that pay their employees a living wage. They’re made from more environmentally friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton and recycled materials.”

It is up to you how often you wash your Organic Basics underwear; as Rasmussen points out, they are not stain proof, so women who are menstruating may want to wash them more frequently when they have their period or if they have incontinence. Rasmussen has spoken with customers who haven’t washed their bras, tops, or sports leggings in weeks and they still smell great.
While the Silvertech Active range is a little pricey for basics – £32 for underwear and £46 for bras – the fabric quality is high, and fewer washes mean it will last longer.

Self-washing underwear may not be for everyone, but Organic Basics is a good start. Sustainable fashion is unquestionably the way to go.

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