How India’s Chethana Raj died at 21 (Details)

Chethana Raj

Chethana Raj, an Indian television star, died at the age of 21 after undergoing fat removal surgery.

On Monday, the actress was reportedly admitted to a private plastic surgery hospital in Bengaluru, Karnataka, but complications occurred when fluid accumulated in her lungs.

After being taken to another hospital, she died of a heart attack after physicians were unable to revive her with CPR.

Chethana had previously appeared in the Indian television shows Geetha, Doresaani, and Olavina Nildana, as well as the Kannada film Havayaami.

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According to sources, she didn’t tell her parents about the surgery and went to Shetty’s Cosmetic Centre with her companions, where the procedure went wrong.
She was transported to Kaade Hospital, where she died at 6.45 p.m. after suffering a heart arrest, despite emergency doctors working for 45 minutes to resuscitate her.

Chethana’s parents are now accusing the surgeons of carelessness, claiming that the operation was performed without necessary equipment.

May her soul rest in peace, Amen.

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