‘How I retrieved gifts from my ex’ – Shade Ladipo

Media personality Shade Ladipo has revealed that she has taken back several gifts she gave to her partners after they broke up from their relationship.

In a post on her Instastories on Tuesday, the OAP called herself “petty” as well as “smart” for making the decision to retrieve gifts given to partners after breakup.

She wrote: “I just realized I am petty AF. I have collected gifts back: collected Ipad, collected laptop, almost collected phone, but because of God.

“Call me Mrs Petty, because guess what, if I collected my gifts back then it means you didn’t buy as much or more, so e mean say na me spend pass. Choi, I am too smart.”

The topic of collecting gifts back after a breakup started trending a few days ago when it was alleged that American rapper Quavo collected back the 2021 Bentley convertible he bought for his girlfriend Saweetie following a breakup.

Several Nigerian celebrities have taken to social media to lend their voices to the issue.

Meanwhile, Nigerian media personality Shade Ladipo has revealed how unlucky she has been with love celebration on Valentine’s Day, describing herself as being unlucky.

Shade Ladipo said this while the world celebrated the 2021 edition of the Lover’s day, however, slightly berating people who gift themselves things in pretence that their men got the gifts for them.

According to her, she usually celebrates her Valentine’s Day wither single and when she is not single, she ends up with the most unromantic men in life.

Adding that she has accepted her fate, she concluded that these celebrations are not for her.