How I navigated to the top, promoting entertainers in Nigeria – Ifezuoke chikodili

While artists and most entertainers may be grabbing lead attention from their crafts, there are influencers and promoters who work tirelessly behind the scene; connecting and clearing the path for them to strive.

Among such people is Ifezuoke chikodili Michael also known as Mr Fancy.

He is easily one of the most celebrated media icons in Nigeria. The Anambra State born media enthusiast while talking to Tribune online revealed his early life experiences working with Nigerian artists and how he was able to clear his path to the top.

“The Nigeria media industry is arguably the toughest to work in. Apart from being over populated, to get recognised may take really a long time as most times attention is placed rather on the client (entertainer).

“When I joined the industry in 2014. I started promoting beauty pageant winners. In Nigeria there are just few people who promote pageantry so I was able to gain wide spread popularity with my blog Modelsnaija. Soon after, I started working with actors and artists which gave me the opportunity to meet some of the top guns in the industry”

Mr Fancy has worked with some A-list artists and notable political leaders across Nigeria. His agency, Fancysocialmedia is a Rio-drive, growth-focused media agency that helps entertainers, political leaders and remarkable companies, medium size to large, to create awareness, generate leads and also build positive reviews online.

On the need for organizations to hire experts to help them build positive reviews online, he added: “Everything is crawling to the online space. Businesses and organisations that neglect the need to revamp and build their online presence will struggle to succeed. Banks, hotels and even local vendors have all seen effective rise in sales and engagement when they market their brands online.
With my agency, we’ve helped lots of brands to grow and amaze positive awareness online.”

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