How I Managed to Keep Fit Through the Years – Veteran Nollywood Actress, Sola Sobowale

Veteran Nollywood actressSola Sobowale narrates how she has maintained her current physical fitness over the years.

She revealed her lifestyle and the reasons behind her physical fitness which has kept her very active, good looking and attractive over the years.

Excerpts from Sola Sobowale’s interview;

Tell us about yourself?
I am Sola Sobowale, an actress, influencer, ambassador, a mother, homemaker and I have a down to earth person. I am a proud African with lovely children.

You have been in the Nollywood industry for decades and still on top of your game, how have you been able to achieve this?

It’s not by power but by the grace of God and nothing can be done without Him. Secondly, it’s by hard work and you know it pays, you have to believe in yourself, be very focused and ready to learn, and be corrected. Have the desire to conquer whatever challenges that come your way and finally be ready to carry everybody along as a team player.

Sola Sobowale ageing backward in new photos - P.M. News

We spot you wearing heels and keeping up with the latest style trends, what is your secret, how do you remain so agile?

Eat well, exercise and quality sleep. I don’t eat processed food; I only go with natural food that contains fibre and a lot of vegetables. Try as much as you can to avoid processed carbohydrate since it contains a lot of sugar, it’s not good for the system as one grows older. And most importantly, God factor in my life made a lot of difference.

You have been talking about eating well to stay fit and to enhance your well-being, what food do you like best?

I eat a lot of fibre, vegetables and oats. For swallow, I eat black plantain flour. They are naturally good for the body. Most importantly, l rest and sleep well on a good mattress which is no other than Mouka. When I sleep on Mouka mattresses, I sleep well, my spine, muscles and joints are well-rested. It enhances your posture, the next morning and you wake up very active and ready to perform your daily activities.

What advice do you have for those who want to be fit, active and be on top of their game, just like you?

Be prayerful and be very optimistic and remain focused. Eat well, sleep well, engage in exercise regularly and be ready to give your best in whatever you do in life, as my motto in life is, do unto others what you want others to do unto you, always be optimistic and believe in yourself.

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