How Did Spyro Come About His Name?


Nigerian musician Oludipe David aka Spyro is one of the fastest-rising music acts in the Nigerian entertainment industry at the moment.

His hit song “Who Is Your Guy?” has seen him enter mainstream Nigerian music and make it to the top of music charts across the African continent.

Songstress Tiwa Savage is a big fan of the song and did not hesitate to do a remix with Spyro for the hit track, which further boosted the brand of the rising act.


Spyro has continued to grow, becoming a fan favourite, but many do not know how he came up with his stage name.

Discussing his rise to fame, Spyro told media personality Temitope Adetunji that the choice of “Spyro” as stage name was motivated by the need for branding in the entertainment industry.

He also revealed that his friends gave him the name during his secondary school days.

“My name is Oludipe Oluwasanmi David. So, the name, Spyro, was given to me when I was in secondary school by my friends. What it meant then is different from what it is now to me. At that time, it was just a word they called me. In a bid to get a name that fits my brand and the music I do, my kind of music that everyone can relate with, I have used many names. So, I decided to check out the word in a dictionary and I discovered ‘Spyro’ means fire. So, I decided to incorporate the name.’’

Discussing the inspiration behind his hit song, the singer said it was initially meant to be a love song, but he changed it to accommodate everybody.

“Who is your guy’ was initially a love song recorded over a year ago. I was supposed to release it before my last single, ‘Billing’, but I just decided to wait. I decided to change the concept from a love song to a song that can accommodate everybody, that everybody can relate to – a lover, friend, mother, brother, sister, pretty much everyone. We produced it and then made it broader. About the inspiration behind the song, I feel that people need to celebrate their loved ones and pay attention to people that care about them. A lot of people died last year, I just feel life is too short; so, let’s celebrate while we are here.”

Spyro is one of the artists to look out for in 2023.