How Beyonce & Her Sister, Solange Boost The Cowry Shell Hairstyles & Hats Trend

Cowry Shell is a trend that seems to be stagnant in Africa but never seems to rise above it’s true worth.

Sometime in 2016 more and more social media stars started embracing cowry shells in their hairstyles, shortly after that, Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles who was in her popular ‘hey days’ worked with a stylist Crowezilla who created fabulous artistic cowry shell looks for editorials late 2016/early 2017, with artists her self rocking it often.

As far as it was visible on social media this had the hairdo trending for a while until it died down sometime around 2018.

Then came Beyonce in 2019 with the Spirit video. We find Beyoncé donning a white gown adorned with cowrie shells. She stood before the tree of life (wrapped in white) in regalia, looking straight at all of us.

Recently there have been more and more editorials reigniting the trend of cowry shells in hairstyles. From photoshoots to style influencers and more, as seen below.

However, it seems new looks in Beyonce’s ‘BLACK IS KING’ movie might strengthen the trend more whilst adding of another cowry shell growing trend little more. And this is the cowry shell hat.


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