Hospital claims Rico was “unconscious and smelling of alcohol”

Rico Swavey, a deceased Big Brother Naija reality star, was reportedly unconscious and smelling of alcohol when he was rushed to Doren Specialist Hospital.

Rico Swavey

This was stated in a press release issued on Friday. The hospital also denied a report that one of the nurses had videotaped the deceased.

The statement read in parts: “An unknown patient, a victim of RTA was rushed to Doren Specialist Hospital around 1:45 am on Tuesday 1 October, 2022. On arriving at our gate, the security personnel promptly called the nurse who reviewed and called the doctor. The doctor saw a deeply unconscious patient with Glasgow Coma Scale of 3/1 5, smelling of alcohol. The doctor ordered that the patient be brought into the Accident and Emergency unit where he was found to be bleeding from the ear, nose and mouth, and also vomiting copiously (mainly recently ingested meal).”

“The airway was cleared and suctioned, oxygen administration was commenced, Blood pressure read 130/85 mmHg. Spo2 – 93% on oxygen and 85% off oxygen. Intravenous fluid 5% Dextrose saline and 0.9% Normal saline was set up, injection Hydrocortisone and injection Diclofenac administered (the face mask, oxygen cylinder and intravenous line can be seen on the trending video on the internet).

The statement added: “Efforts were made to trace his family and one female friend of his came into the facility to see him. She and the Good Samaritan who brought the patient was told of the severity of his condition and the need of urgent neurosurgical review and also the need to be referred to Evercare hospital. Miss Ify Helen Eze fainted on seeing his condition and she had to be resuscitated.A detailed referral letter was written and given to the relations.

“After an initial reluctance, they accepted the letter. But before leaving the 2 of them (Miss Ify and the Good Samaritan) decided to make a video to exonerate themselves from being implicated as being responsible for the patient’s condition. Most likely Miss Ify Helen Eze and her partner (Good Samaritan) are the people who videoed and posted on social media for reasons best known to them.

Doren nurses pleaded with them to help take the patient to the vehicle and stop videoing. At no point in time did a Doren staff video the patient or laugh. One of the nurses spoke in Hausa trying to persuade them to assist in moving the patient who has already been positioned on our stair chair ready to be moved to the vehicle, instead they kept videoing.

“The following morning, our nurses reached out to Miss Ify Helen Eze to find about the current condition of the patient and we were told patient was currently hospitalized and receiving care in Evercare Hospital. 72hours after the referral from Doren Specialist Hospital, we were shocked to hcar that the young man had passed on. Doren and it staff empathize with the familyof the deceased. We have discussed with HEFAMMA, who is looking into the case and the Police at Ajiwe, Ajah who have called Miss Ify Helen Eze to confirm if she was the one who put the video on social media.”

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