Hollywood star, Daniel Craig reveals why family won’t inherit $160 million fortune

James Bond actor, Daniel Craig has revealed that none of his children will get his fortune because he finds inheritance distasteful.

One of the major names in Hollywood, the actor has earned an ample amount of money with several hit films. The actor, who has played Bond in as many as four movies, will soon receive a huge sum of money from his fifth and upcoming James Bond movie.

Speaking to UK’s Candis Magazine, the award-winning British actor said that he did not want “to leave great sums to the next generation” and plans to give his riches away instead.

”My philosophy is get rid of it or give it away before you go.

”There’s an adage that if you die a rich person, you’ve failed.

“I think Andrew Carnegie gave away about $11 billion, which shows how rich he was but I’ll bet he kept some of it too.

“As for me, I don’t want to leave great sums to the next generation. I think inheritance is quite distasteful,” he said.

The 007 star has three children, daughter Ella with his ex-wife Fiona Loudon, as well as a daughter with wife Rachel Weisz.

He also has a teenage stepson, Henry, through Weisz’s previous relationship.

Daniel Craig’s net worth

Daniel Craig’s net worth is not confirmed, yet, he has solely earned millions with his James Bond films. The actor has played James Bond in four movies so far in his career. As per insider.com, with his 2012 film Skyfall, he was paid a surplus of $17 million.

The film grossed over $951 million at the box office that treated Craig with some bonuses. The actor is reportedly being paid $25 million for his upcoming film James Bond: No Time To Die.

Apart from the James Bond films, Craig has also worked in several commercially successful films, including The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Cowboy & Aliens, and Dream House.

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