Hollywood actress, Kate Beckinsale rushed to hospital

Kate Beckinsale has been rushed to hospital in Las Vegas after she had an emergency while filming for Prisoner’s Daughter.

The 48-year-old actress has been staying at the MGM Signature hotel where she had been shooting her upcoming film in the US, and at around 10:30 am on Friday, September 10, she was rushed to hospital after suffering severe back issues.

It is reported that the ‘Serendipity’ actress needed emergency assistance to get to the hospital.

Sources have claimed to TMZ that she is still currently in the Emergency Room in the US, and at present, her condition is unclear.

Meanwhile, the ‘Underworld’ star previously said she was once planning to retrain as a doctor instead of pursuing an acting career.

She said: “I went to the Orange Tree Theatre, a youth theatre. So I did that from about 15.

“I had a crisis at 31, thinking, ‘I wish I’d been a doctor.’

“I retain medical things. I feel like I’d be quite good. Listen, what I am is an actress who people phone up and say, ‘I think I might have a haemorrhoid.’ I can’t tell you the amount of times people come to me.

“I’m obviously not going to perform a digital rectal exam, but I will go through symptoms. So far, touch wood, it has only ever really been chafing. Should you get any chafing, call me.”

And Kate also said she isn’t concerned about the ageing process, especially after her father, Richard Beckinsale, died of a heart attack at the age of just 31.

She explained: “I’ve been so aware of the possibility people can drop dead at any time … People started trying to worry me about turning 40 when I was turning 33. If you overload it like that, you’re going to make the person not give a s***.”

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