Hints That You’re About To Be Ghosted

No one likes being ghosted after being attached to you, trust me, its frustrating as you tend to wonder what you did wrong.

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You start to wonder what you did wrong and why the sudden fall out. Although in most cases you are not the problem, the other party is not just interested.

Here are obvious signs that you are about to be ghosted;

1. You are desperate for their attention

The first few days were full of conversations and you were enjoying their company but now you are struggling with the fact that they don’t want to talk to you anymore and you are desperate for it.

You want so badly to believe their excuses and you even make excuses for them.

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2. Late and short replies

Late and short replies are a number one indication of a loss of interest in you especially when you consider how quickly they responded before.

You asked, ‘how are you?’ and you just got an ‘I’m fine’ response with no desire to keep the conversation going. It’s all over.

3. They don’t invite you to their place

If someone is very important in your life you tend to want to let the person into your life, let them into your space.

Although some people tend to invite you over but its just for sex, know that there is more to a relationship than sex. So if they only invite you for s*x then you are what they call “f*ck buddy”.

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