#HEINEKENLFW18: The Glitz, Glamor & How Fashion Designers Lighted Up The Runway In Colorful Fashion Collections

The glitz, glamor and the splendor that comes with the vibes of the most anticipated and celebrated fashion week in Africa #HeinekenLagosFashionDesignWeek2018 filled the air all through the four days of the fashion week which ended tonight. There was so much expectations as always judging from the previous editions of the fashion show a.

A look at the beautiful colorful pieces that adorned the runway, you can tell that every designer played a huge part in making this year’s show stand out because they all had collections which met with the theme of the show.

“With the line up of both local and international designers from all around the world who showcased their distinct and most priced fashion pieces and crafted colorful collections inspired from nature and mere imaginations on the run way”

From a perspective of the eyes of a fashion critic, i would say this is the best fashion week ever judging from the upgrade in all aspect of the event which was disrupted last year due to distance and poor time management.

A look at the fashion collections showcased on the run way, you are sure to get inspired from the creativity in the choice of colors which the designers combined to make some of their year’s summer collections.


See pictures from the fashion run way:




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