Heineken Lagos Fashion And Design Week – Day1 Review

Fashion week is like the Christmas for all fashion enthusiasts,  it’s a time to pull out our A- game both on the runway and street style wise,  make new fashion friends and colleagues,  write new fashion stories, Set new trends.

The  Lagos fashion Design Week has slowly become one of our many Prides in Nigeria and  Africa and so we come out in our numbers to support and spread the  word,  fashion enthusiasts,  bloggers,  buyers,  manufacturers, writers,  investors,  designers, curators, stylists, publicists etc..

LFDW which started 6years ago has see a tremendous amount of growth which has also helped the growth of the Nigerian fashion industry.  This year’s theme “connecting the dots” has got a lot of us anticipating and talking, as we have interpreted it to mean a lot more collaboration between fashion manufacturers, buyers,  consumers and media would be seen in the near future.

Day1 seemed to have gone well,  asides the delay in starting the show even tho the guests arrived early and where seated in good time,  models had to walk in shoes that where not so comfortable as they have been used for 3years  consecutively. I loved walking around the backstage and taking pictures, the models seems more relaxed and organized than they usually are, 3models had a rack to each of them holding all their cloths from every designer they where walking for.
The street style was so much fun,  please check out more Pictures from previous posts. Nothing over the board has we have  had in the past years,  the street style saw a lot of big afros,kimonos,  statement accessories and the usual sneaker.

The runway shows started at 8am with an opening from Belois,  wanger Ayu, Style temple,  Titi Belo,  Tobi Ogundipe, Assian, mabelo, TI Nathan,  Rayo, Tokyo James Onalaja, Sisiano, Kinabuti, Lanre Da Silver for Vilisco,  and closed with DZYN. My heights for the night was Sisiano,  Titi Belo,  Rayo,  Style temple, Assian and Onalaja.
Loved TI Nathan and Kinabuti.  Especially the silver bumper jackets and the tee shirts except some of them didn’t pass across positive messages.  Like the one with “school ruined me” Lol and the one with the cigarette,  for a private show yes,  but not for a show with multinational brands sponsoring.

My lows for the night included,  wanger Ayu and Belois. Wanger Ayu,  I had a lot of expectations cause of the single pieces the brand had been showing us on social media,  but this collection was creativity gone wrong,  it had no fluidity and very poor choice of fabric.

Day 2 starts in a bit with the kick off with the fashion Business series,  so stay tuned.

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