Healthy Living: 3 Major Benefits Of Vitamin C For Weight Loss

Recently, a video circulated the internet in which a ‘woman of God’ was telling her members not to take Vitamin C anymore because it is from the sea. However, this is one of the sermons you should ignore except your doctor says otherwise because vitamin C has some great benefits, especially if you’re trying to lose some weight.

The benefits of vitamins cannot be overemphasized. Vitamins help in maintaining our body’s health and fighting against infections. They are essential to our everyday living and among many benefits help with weight loss.

Seeing as we almost always do not get the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C from our food which is 2000mg/day, we need to supplement with fruits or medicine. And if you know exactly how Vitamin C works to help you lose weight, you’d be making sure you have enough servings of the alphabet daily.

Here are 3 major benefits of Vitamin C for weight loss…

1. Vitamin C helps to control stress

When some people are stressed, they resort to eating and this is one of the major causes of obesity and overweight. To avoid gaining weight, or to make your weight-loss process a success, you must first manage your levels of stress. Vitamin C helps by regulating the cortisol hormone that causes stress. Once you fight stress, your goals for reducing weight will be more easily achievable.


2. Vitamin C improves metabolic activities

Vitamin C

To lose weight, you need to burn the extra fats under your skin. Sometimes, due to some disorders, the metabolic rate may be hindered. Vitamin C is a necessary ingredient that you need in your diet to improve the situation. It helps in the metabolic activities in our bodies. If you want to reduce your body weight, you need to include the vitamin in your salad or main dish.

3. Vitamin C boosts energy and combats fatigue

Vitamin C

According to a post by the Fox News, Vitamin C has shown the ability to supply your body with the energy you need to keep with your exercises. Fatigue is a common problem among people after an extensive exercise, but with the energy boost you get in Vitamin C, your body can refresh and get ready for another workout.

It is ideal to consume vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables whenever you get them but vitamin pills also present a better alternative than having none at all.

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