Headies 2022: “How dare you say I never went to school” – Portable fires back at Goya Menor (VIDEO)

Singer Portable

Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable has replied winner of the Headies street hop, Goya Menor over his comment on his education.

The whole drama unfolded after Goya emerged the winner of the Street hop in the Headies in which Portable was disqualified.

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He went on to drag Goya Menor by stating that he is a one-hit artiste who hasn’t had another viral jam after his ‘Ameno Amapiano (Remix).

Portable affirmed that he is bigger and more popular than the owner of Headies Awards.

Recall that Portable was disqualified by the organizers of Headies for his unruly behaviors.

Replying him, Goya took to his Insta-stories to state that they both can’t be compare as he went to school and Portable didn’t.

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“I wonder who is comparing a BSc holder who almost made a first class with someone who can’t even locate his Kg3 result. As da street hop holder I got class you can never see me dirty”

However, hours after the post made headlines, the Zazuu star responded with a video of him raining insults on Menor.

Portable asked the Ampiano singer what he has been able to achieve with his Education.

The Zazu singer went on to list all his certificates while adding that he was richer than the singer and his father combined.

Goya Amenor your Father!!! how dare you say I no go school, what have you achieved with your Certificate? i get money pass you and your father, and I Go school pass both of you,” he said.

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