Head to Toe: 20 +2 Must-Haves Accessories for the Perfect 21st-Century Chic List

From cute hair accessories to trendy jewelry, every lady needs an arsenal stocked with colorful beads and baubles that can add sass to any ensemble. Unsure of where to start? Let our fashion editors guide you to draft the perfect chick list that notes every accessory you should have.

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Accessories make for great conversation starters. If you are someone who fancies accessories, then you should be used to people walking up to you to complement an accessory you have on.

For some, the curiosity is out of admiration, while for others, it is to inquire if there is a story behind that particular item. Sometimes there is, and most times, there isn’t. That’s why they say go down the vintage road, and you will find out that each piece is unique and tells a story.
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Even if you are a minimalist, certain accessories should make their way to your chic list.
We hope this list acts as a simple add-on to your must-have wardrobe basic list. There’s lots of room to experiment with accessories, and this list could have been endless.

Here’s a list of 20 +2 must-have basic accessories to use with your expanded wardrobe basics.
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