‘He made me feel noticed’ Paris Hilton reveals she had an ‘Inappropriate’ relationship with 8th grade teacher

'He made me feel noticed' Paris Hilton reveals she had an 'Inappropriate' relationship with 8th grade teacher

Hollywood actress, Paris Whitney Hilton has revealed that she had an inappropriate relationship with an 8th-grade teacher in her new memoir as she takes a look at her past.

In the Memoir, the socialite and model

reflects on an inappropriate relationship she had with her eighth-grade teacher at a Catholic school. She reminisces about how “all the girls in my class were crushing on this handsome young teacher” who had a “very Abercrombie” look.


Hilton write;

“Everyone loved him, including the nuns,”

It turns out this teacher reciprocated the attraction, telling her:

“I’ve got a crush on you.”

“He made me feel noticed in an important, grown-up way. He flattered and teased me and said that all the other girls were talking about me behind my back because they were jealous.”

The teacher then asked her for her number and “cautioned me not to tell anyone.”

Hilton further writes that the teacher then called her almost every night

“and we talked for hours about how amazingly mature, beautiful, and intelligent I was, how sensual, misunderstood, and special.”

According to Hilton, her teacher often asked if her parents were home and one night when they weren’t, he decided to come over.

“I saw a late-model SUV idling at the top of the driveway. I climbed into the passenger seat. Teacher pulled me into his arms and kissed me.”

The singer remembers the kiss continuing

“for what seemed like a long time and seemed to be evolving into something more” — until her parents came home and saw Hilton and her teacher in the driveway.

He tried to drive away, blaming Hilton for his behaviour. She recalls him saying,

“My life is over. What am I doing? Why did you make me do this?”

He eventually dropped her back at home, where Hilton tried to play dumb with her parents about what they saw — but it didn’t work. After the school year ended, her parents, Kathy and Rick sent Paris to live with her grandma in Palm Springs, California.

And while Hilton writes that she never told anyone at school. She writes.

“Somehow, people seemed to know. But that didn’t change the teacher’s reputation. “He was still Mr. Abercrombie”

She however noted that she doesn’t know if he ever received consequences.

“I don’t know if there were any repercussions to the teacher or if there was any attempt to prevent him from choosing another little girl,” Hilton writes. “My parents never volunteered any information, and I never asked, but I assume the fear of bad publicity would have prevented them from making a scene or pressing charges.”

She also wrote that for years, she tried to block out the experience.

“I never allowed myself to talk or even think about what it really was or why I climbed out the window to kiss that stupid pedophile. It took decades for me to actually speak the word pedophile,” the This Is Paris podcast host writes. “Casting him in the role of child molester meant casting myself in the role of victim, and I just couldn’t go there.”

Hilton also writes that she had a hard time reconciling

“the fact that I had enjoyed something that was, in reality, utterly vile.”

“Even now, knowing in my grown-up mind that no child is ever to blame for inappropriate adult behavior, my face is literally burning as I sit here telling you this terrible secret,” she continues. “I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to fully shake it off. But it’s a key part of my story.”

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