“Have loads of s£x” – Pastor Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun advises married couples

Pastor Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun, the first daughter of late clergywoman Bimbo Odukoya, has advised a married couple to engage in plenty of s*x, glamsquad reports 


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The advice was given by the mother of three on Wednesday, October 5, when she shared six marriage rules.




“When you’re married, have a lot of s*x.” A sleeping couple is extremely dangerous. Mr. and Mrs., spend your currency at home. As my father once said, “s*x is currency; if you don’t spend it at home, you will spend it elsewhere.” “The truth is that s*x, like wine, improves with age,” she wrote.



She also suggested that couples stop competing with one another and instead practice forgiveness.


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“Forgiveness is essential in marriage.” Unforgiveness is cancer, and you must eradicate it before it kills your love. If it’s difficult to let go, it’s because you haven’t reached a resolution…keep talking about it. “Marriage is two forgivers living together,” my mother once said.

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