Harrysong allegedly hails side chicks as he threatens his wife to abort third pregnancy

Harrysong allegedly hails side chicks as he threatens his wife to abort third pregnancy

Nigerian singer, Harrysong and his wife, Alexer might be having a marital crisis as the singer allegedly asked her to abort her third pregnancy.

In a WhatsApp chat making rounds on social media allegedly leaked by his wife, Harrysong informed his wife that he wouldn’t bring up the matter of her terminating the pregnancy once more.

He stated that he wouldn’t take responsibility for the child because his wife abandoned his grandmother without cooking for her, despite sending her money. He advised her to use the money for an abortion.

Tensions escalated between the couple as Alexer confronted Harrysong, questioning whether the girls he is involved with were superior to her. Surprisingly, he asserted that they were indeed far superior to his spouse.

Commending his side chicks, he asserted that they were more youthful, sophisticated, educated, affluent, respectful, and reserved. Additionally, he emphasized physical attributes and asserted they possessed firmer boobs, along with superior character and values.

He emphasized that he selected his wife, so he can’t act freely as he wishes.

“And pls, this is the third time am repeating this to you. Take off that pregnancy, I will not be responsible for no more child from you. Take it off now, since you have abandoned my grandmother and refused to cook in the house with the 100k I just sent you now. You can use that 100k to go take off the pregnancy. Final”.

“They are way way better than you. Fresher, Elegant, Educated, Richer, Respected, and more reserved than you. Tighter pu$$y, standing b00bs, plus with better characters and better values. I am the one that chose you, I chose you”.

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