Harper Customises Victoria Beckham’s Sunglasses To Look Like Elton John

News just in from the Beckhams’ country pile in the Cotswolds: Harper has taken the reins of Victoria’s namesake brand.

During a crafternoon in the rolling hills, the youngest member of the Beckham clan customised her mother’s favourite sunglasses.

“New season alert!” quipped VB via an Instagram Story showing her oversized shades encrusted with kids’ stickers.

From flamingos and pandas wearing party hats to pearly beads, Harper proved she has a deft touch when it comes to DIY rainbow-hued embellishment.

The inspiration behind Victoria’s new customized specs? Uncle Elton John, of course! The pop icon, who is godfather or “uncle” to Brooklyn and Romeo, has the best collection of costume sunglasses in the business.

Why wear a plain pair of frames when a crystal and glitter coated set is within sight? Such has been John’s mantra when getting dressed from his ’70s heyday until, in fact, now.

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