Halyna Hutchins’ Final Words After Being Shot by Alec Baldwin on Rust Set Revealed

The final words of late Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins as she lay dying on a Santa Fe film set have been published.

‘That was no good,’ Hutchins, 42, was heard saying. That was no good at all,’ she said seconds after Alec Baldwin fatally shot her on the set of indie Western Rust on October 21 before dying to her injuries.

Hutchins’ final remarks were said after main actor Baldwin fired a fake Colt.45 handgun that was meant to be loaded with blanks but actually had live ammo.

Halyna Hutchins

‘What the f**k just happened?’ Baldwin reportedly asked cast and crew members after the shot went off, and Hutchins suddenly stumbled back into head electrician Serge Svetnoy’s arms. Director Joel Souza also hit the deck after being grazed.

The actor had been prepping for a scene that involved him drawing and firing the prop gun.

‘So,’ Baldwin said to Souza before firing the shot, ‘I guess I’m gonna take this out, pull it, and go, ‘Bang!’

The actor then pulled the revolver, which he had been persuaded was safe to use by the film’s first assistant director, David Halls, who informed him that it was a ‘cold gun.’

Instead of a blank, a live bullet fired from the barrel, killing Hutchins in the chest and leaving her body to penetrate Souza.

According to a search warrant executed by Santa Fe police, the weapon used by Baldwin in the incident was one of three fake pistols that the film’s rookie armorer, Hanna Gutierrez Reed, 24, had put up outside the set site on a gray cart that had been left unattended for hours.

According to a search warrant executed by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office last week, Gutierrez Reed was the last person to handle the gun, leaving it along with the two other revolvers unattended on the cart in the early hours of October 21.

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