Guess Who Is On Cover Of Vogue February 2020 Issue

Sometimes, a performance can move you so profoundly that you leave the cinema positively reeling. This was my experience all the way back in March last year, when I first saw Lupita Nyong’o take on her double role in Jordan Peele’s brilliant and unsettling movie Us. I called my team straightaway. I instantly knew I wanted her for the cover of this year’s Fashion and Film issue, our third annual celebration of the best cinema performances of the previous 12 months.

Our lineup this year is dazzling. In LA, we photographed Renée Zellweger (so touching in Judy) up in the Hollywood hills, as well as Jennifer Hudson, Daniel Kaluuya and Jennifer Lopez; and we were in Venice, New York and London to capture Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, Penélope Cruz and so many more. From veterans such as Annette Bening, to breakthroughs like Parasite’s Park So-dam, find the full portfolio of talented actors in the magazine.

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