#GSMCOTD: 13 Haute Ways To Rock Black & White Without Being Cliché

Black and white have always been a classic combination. Like my father would say, “black is the absence of colour while white is the presence of all colours” (#wisewords). Little wonder they go so well together seeing as they are at the opposite end of the colour spectrum. The power of this colour combo is insanely huge and every true Style Raven knows this.

While the two may not be the most captivating mix of colours for an outfit, the sharp contrast unfailingly result in a polished, foolproof look. Additionally, monochrome style sits as one of the most dynamic looks in the game as it flows seamlessly from one season to the other.

For anyone lacking inspiration or creative drive, black and white outfits can easily come across as boring, but fashion enthusiasts will easily tell you that it all boils down to how divergent your styling is when playing with this classy duo. Straight lines and unusual edges are important as a rave-worthy monochrome outfit is supposed to be sleek but edgy.

Another key to a unique monochrome look is creating an unusual balance between the two tones. However, when pairing these two, you must be careful because if not done right, you could be mistaken for the waitress. Be sure to play around with textures and patterns.

Want to try a new approach to black and white styling? We’ve got some ideas that will add that extra je ne sais quoi to your wardrobe.

Here are 13 haute ways to rock black and white without being cliché… 

1. Flirty details

Ways To Rock Black And White

Annie Idibia

2. Visual pun

Annabelle Fleur

3. For the love of atypical stripes

Ways To Rock Black And White

Bianca Petry

4. Play with patterns

Ways To Rock Black And White


5. Go wild with animal print

Ways To Rock Black And White

Yvonne Nelson

6. Not quite polka dots

Ways To Rock Black And White


7. Play with proportions

Ways To Rock Black And White


8. Do it with the details

Zovuyo Zoe Msutwana

9. Layer up girl!

Ways To Rock Black And White

Claire Sulmers

10. Go edgy with leather

Ways To Rock Black And White


11. Printastic!

Ways To Rock Black And White

Rosa Sofia

12. Wear them the Kahlana way

Kahlana Barfield Brown

13. Something timeless

Cristina Surdu

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