Grammy-Nominated Musician Seun Kuti Featured on Visual Collaborative

Grammy-nominated musician Seun Kuti, William Seun Kentebe and others high-powered Nigerians were among global superstars featured on international platform, Visual Collaborative.

Visual Collaborative, an online catalogue, in the mid-year issue explores the human condition, self-awareness, inclusion, youth leadership and the post-digital movement. Featuring people from all walks of life, their paths converge in Humanities.

The summer edition, titled Voyager, featuring 25 individuals and three main features; Grammy-nominated musician Seun Kuti, also featuring a respected technology figure in Nigeria Chris Uwaje, and across the African continent Aya Chebbi an activist who champions the rights of women in Tunisia and Northern Africa.
Following the success of the first titled issue, Polaris, the platform provides syndicated data for content providers, academic institutions and various niche communities across the globe.

In a Q & A format, readers will enjoy conversations with a Minneapolis Civil Rights Commissioner of Nigerian descent Anika Robbins; prolific Austin Texas artist and television producer Dawn Okoro who exhibited in Visual Collaborative’s exhibition a decade ago, Award-winning Native American playwright Marcie Rendon, African inspired toddler producers Ashim Egunjobi and Kemdi Begho, Nigerian Ecosystem Builder Aramide Abe, including the Nigerian emerging actor of 93 Days William Seun Kentebe.

Other interviews include one of West Africa’s young emerging female politicians and advocates from Mali Fatima Al-Ansar and a Nigerian nation builder Aramide Abe.

The Voyager issue is curated and produced by a team of consultants under the leadership of the Business Futurist and Technologist Ade Olufeko, who recently delivered a keynote on Innovation and socioeconomics at Yale University, and served as a special guest moderator at the African Business Summit at Columbia University in New York City.

An email from Visual Collaborative’s public team expressed excitement and anticipation on the forthcoming June and September 2019 releases.

Olufeko, who is Nigerian based, a member of the Society For Neuroscience in Washington D.C. and the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced he may leave the company to expand socio-economic narratives on other cross- platform engines after one more Polaris’ release in November of 2019.

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