GQ Magazine: Future named ‘Best Rapper Alive’


Future, the American hip-hop star who graces the cover of GQ Magazine‘s May issue, has been crowned the “Best Rapper Alive.”

The rapper got down with Elliott Wilson to talk about his next album, toxicity, and more during an interview with the magazine.

On His Journey:

“I got here through music. I didn’t get here for having the best interviews. Other dudes in the world can have the best speech. They can do this in one take and it’d be perfect. I just found a way to make art with words. And through that, that’s just how I live.”


On Taking a Hiatus:

“??That’s because I’m happy. I’m genuinely happy with life. And there was a time where I was only happy when I was on the stage, and in the studio. Like it was my escape.”

On What He Wants to Convey With His Incoming Project:

“Putting this project together is just people understanding that I love hard,” he said of the collection, which Wilson described as relying less on hooks and more on lyrical aggression. “Probably love the hardest. I wanted to showcase my skills as far as melodies and topics and being vulnerable,” Future said.

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On The Toxic Masculinity Tag That Trails Him:

“People have their own definition of what toxic is. [These women] all were toxic to me. They just don’t want to admit it.”


Future and Ye’s long-standing friendship and creative partnership were the subject of a later conversation in which Wilson dug into the former’s flying Future to Paris in 2011 to work on music and the latter’s hiring Future as an executive producer on this year’s Donda 2 album.

“When he said that, I understood why he called me to Paris, even though I didn’t understand it at that time,” Future said of West’s high praise on Drink Champs. “I understood why we had certain conversations. I understood him being a part of [Future’s 2014 single] ‘I Won.’ Even him having me write on certain [Kanye] albums that people don’t even understand I wrote on.”

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