Google Play Store Adds ‘Offers’ Tab on App—Here’s What to Expect

The Google Play Store app now has a “Offers” option, however it is only available to a small number of Android users.

The Google Play Store now has a ‘Offers’ tab

According to 9to5Google, the new section of the search engine giant’s app store is an addition to the bottom bar of the Play Store app, joining the current four tabs located below.

However, according to the news site, Android users who have registered to the Play Pass, which gives apps free of adverts and in-app purchases for a price, also have five tabs on their bottom bar.

Google Play Store Adds ‘Offers’ Tab on App—Here’s What to Expect
As a result of the new tab that Google is delivering to customers via its Play Store, the number of options below may be reduced to six.

However, 9to5Google speculated in the same report that the engine giant would shift the Play Pass page to another part of the app to reduce the cluttered appearance.

‘Offers’ in the Google Play Store

It’s worth noting that the new “Offers” page of the Play Store lies between the “Apps” and “Movies” parts of the app, putting the new tab in the middle of everything.

When you go to the app marketplace’s “Offers” area, you’ll be greeted by a big carousel of “limited-time events” from various apps.

The large highlighted cards are labeled “Offer for apps you might like.” Furthermore, there is a counterpart developed exclusively for gaming titles, which reads: “Offers for games you might like.”

The name of the app and its Play Store rating appear beneath the giant carousel cards, which carry the limited-time deal and its expiration date and time.

Nonetheless, the new Play Store tab has not yet been made available to the entire public. For the time being, it appears to be spotted just on a few random users.

However, Google is yet to announce whether such a function would be available to more Android users in the near future.

Redesign of the Play Store Website

Aside from the new tab on the Play Store app, Google has also been working on a revamp of its desktop website.

According to Arstechnica, the Google Play website just debuted a new appearance for its desktop users.

It’s worth noting that, in contrast to the countless changes of the Google Play Store app, the Google Play website hasn’t undergone a substantial redesign since 2013.

The website now includes options such as Games, Apps, Movies, and Books, with a style similar to the Play Store app. Not to add that the new filter option makes it much easier to search for stuff on the site.

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