Google Messages is Testing a Feature That Will Let You Check the Content of an Unread Message

Google intends to develop a function that would allow you to glance at your message without having to open it.

Since then, notification badges, or dots, have been a component of Android home screens. This makes it simple to see which apps have new features available for you to use.

Most device operating systems have their own version of this capability. Sometimes, like in iOS, the function includes a count of unread messages.

A recent Google Messages test reveals that the Mountain View company is seeking to put the same unread dot inside the app to indicate talks that require your attention.

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The New Google Messages Feature

Nick Cipriani, a well-known Google feature leaker, informed Android Police that he discovered the new dots in two distinct versions of Google Messages. Because it had a more vivid blue tone, the original one appeared much bolder, especially in dark mode.

The dot has been altered with a different shade of blue in the most recent beta version of Google Messages, but it is still in the same area, which can be seen on the right side with the date and timestamp of every unread message in the inbox.

It appears to be a server-side change that is being rolled out to a small number of customers, since several users have reported that the functionality does not appear on any of their devices. If you want to try it out for yourself, you may get the newest beta from APK Mirror.

Until now, the search giant displayed all unread messages in bold text to users. This also occurs when you have unopened emails on your Gmail account.

Badges or dots are widespread in a variety of other messaging apps, like WhatsApp and Apple Mail, as well as a variety of email clients, so this is not a novel feature that Google is experimenting with.

Google will decide whether or not to make this tool more broadly available to customers, as the business tries various types of features with varying degrees of success.

Earlier this year, Google Messages released a feature that allows you to pin the top three conversations in the chat.

End-to-end encryption was enabled to Google Messages in 2020 for user protection and privacy.

Design Material For You

Google Messages is the next tool to get a Material You makeover, following Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Keep.

The Material For You Design was incorporated in the most recent Messages beta update, v9.7, while some improvements still to be done.

The search bar at the top of the screen has been redesigned into a pill shape, as opposed to its prior rectangular appearance. The bottom-of-the-screen floating action button for starting a new chat now has a more rounded rectangular appearance.

Unlike the other revamped Google apps, neither of these elements supports Dynamic Color theming for users, which means they can’t detect the color and hue of the wallpaper you’re using.

However, after closing the app, 9to5Google activated some of the Material You aspects, including Dynamic Color.

Based on the wallpaper, the background across the app picks up a light color tin for the publishing. The chat bubbles in the conversation view remain the same.

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