Google Maps is adding new shopping tools for the holiday season

Google has introduced numerous new capabilities in Google Maps to keep you sane this Christmas season by assisting you in avoiding crowds, navigating stores, and even finishing your holiday dinner shopping.

To begin, Google is expanding its crowdedness data features for public transportation and individual retailers into a broader tool called “Area Busyness.” This will show you how many people are congregating in a given neighborhood rather than a specific store. According to Google, you may utilize this information as you want, whether you want to avoid crowds or find the best spots in town.

Google Maps Area Busyness.

Google is also worldwide expanding its Directory tab, so you’ll be able to obtain specific information on what’s going on inside many more airports, malls, and transport stations around the world. This comprises the types of retailers in a certain building, as well as their locations and operating hours, as well as the availability of car rental services, airport lounges, parking spaces, and other amenities.

Google Maps is also expanding its grocery store pickup service to over 2,000 Kroger, Fry’s, Ralphs, and Mariano’s stores across 30 states for those preparing a Christmas feast in the United States. You’ll be able to place your order online, watch its progress, share your estimated arrival time, and notify the retailer that you’ve arrived without ever leaving Google Maps. According to Google, individuals who utilize the Google Maps grocery pickup service often wait less than five minutes for their groceries to be delivered.

Google Maps Grocery Pickup.

If a night on the town is more your style, Google Maps has you covered there, too, with enhanced details in the evaluations for U.S. food establishments. Restaurants and cafes will begin to display price ranges, making it easier to choose a venue that fits your budget. Google is also making it easy for other guests to exchange information such as outdoor seating availability, delivery alternatives, and curbside collection.

Google Maps for Android and iOS now includes a worldwide directory tab and grocery pickup services. Expansive restaurant evaluations and Area Busyness will be available in the coming weeks, just in time for the holiday season.

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