Google Celebrates Oliver De Coque On His 74th Posthumous Birthday

Search engine Google has celebrated Nigerian iconic highlife musician and guitarist better known as Oliver De Coque, with a doodle on his 74th posthumous birthday.

The musician is known for infusing the modern West African highlife genre with a Congolese-influenced guitar style and the energetic dance elements of Igbo music.

Oliver De Coque kickstarted his music career at a young age by playing the guitar before gaining recognition after his impressive performance at a 1970 concert organized by Sunny Agaga and his Lucky Star band.

The Google doodle is a special alteration of the logo on Google’s homepage to celebrate special holidays, events, achievements, and people.

Fans and social media users have taken to Twitter to celebrate the iconic star and have also shared some of their favourite tunes from the highlife maestro.

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