Google Ads Accidentally Approved Target Gift Card Scam, Phishing Website Caught by Redditor

Google Ads inadvertently allowed a top advertisement display on its search engine results for a Target Gift Card fraud that a Redditor discovered and reported on the platform. The fraud uses a phishing website that appears to be the actual thing, and failing to carefully examine the URL and other facts on the page may result in account access.

Google Ads: Target Gift Card Scam Approved on Search Results?

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According to Redditor u/Popdoodles via r/assholedesign, a new Google Ads search result appears at the top of the screen, advertising a bogus website that looks like a Target Gift Card signup page. The Redditor exhibits an eerie likeness to the actual website, including with all of the redirecting links to Target’s official page.

The gift card number and security passcode, on the other hand, are sent to another website, where the phishing scam finds the majority of its victims. Furthermore, the URL indicates that it is a forgery, as it displays “bristolhirevan” rather than Target’s.

People should be wary of providing details before entering the code and logging in, according to the Redditor, because it may relate to additional information that could be taken.

Keep an eye out for this Target Gift Card Scam Phishing Website

Google Ads accepted it, and it was displayed above their page, indicating that it was one of the most famous customers who paid its service to appear in search results.

Although it is unclear how it got past Google’s authentication and security, users should be cautious about what they see in ads and search results, especially if it is from a well-known internet corporation.

Beware the Search Results Phishing for your Holiday Gift Cards - Justin  Ribeiro

Scams and phishing are becoming common on the internet

Many phishing scams can now be discovered on the internet, and they may appear to be the real deal of what they are attempting to become, but be aware of the telltale signs that it is a forgery. Scams are now a problem in the Google environment, affecting Docs, Gmail, and other services, especially when features like the Comment in the document send malicious emails.

No one is safe on the internet, and it is up to the general population to protect themselves and defend against attacks that may come in at random or as a targeted campaign with no warning. Phishing schemes can also be found on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and others.

These scams can range from account access to the theft of personal information and bank details, as well as the theft of money from the owner.

Online safety is something that everyone should practice, as the Redditor who uncovered the phony gift card website demonstrated in the discussion. Always check the website before entering any information, and it may be useful to check the URL and its security, which is shown by a green check in online browsers.

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