God of War is coming to PC in January with 4K and ultrawide support

God of War, the 2018 PlayStation 4 smash, will be released on PC via Steam on January 14, 2022. It will cost $50 to use the service. This is the latest in Sony’s effort to bring more of its first-party titles to PC.

Following the success of Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC launch last year, Sony expressed interest in bringing more of its first-party exclusives to PC in a corporate report last year. “(PlayStation) will look into spreading our first-party titles to the PC platform in order to support further development in our profitability,” the business said at the time. God of War’s new version fulfills that promise, and it’s the largest Sony exclusive to hit PC yet.

The PC port of God of War will be released on Steam and will have 4K support, an unlocked frame rate, control customisation, Nvidia DLSS and Reflex compatibility, and ultrawide monitor support.

According to Sony, these additions will provide players with “better resolution shadows and improved screen space reflections to advancements to the ambient occlusion process with GTAO and SSDO.”

PlayStation has also stated that God of War on PC will natively support both DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers. Players that use a keyboard or mouse will be able to fully modify their controls to achieve the optimal arrangement imaginable.

In addition, previously available digital content will be included in the port. The following is a complete list of the extras included with the PC version.

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