Gmail Hack 2022: How to Backup Your Text Messages from Your Android Phone to Gmail

You can save a copy of your text message receipts to your Gmail account if you wish to save them. Fortunately, if you do wind up backing them up, they are simple to find when you need them.

Things You Need to Backup Your Text Messages

It is simple to lose your text messages, but it only takes a software update or swapping phones to mistakenly wipe threads.

If you have essential text messages, the best thing to do is back them up so you can access them whenever you need to.

It is simple to backup your text messages to your Gmail account. To get started, you’ll need three things.

You’ll need your Android phone first, then your Gmail account, then a free download of SMS Backup+ from the Google Play Store.

Gmail Hack 2022

Configure Your Gmail for IMAP Access

SMS Backup+ needs IMAP access to your Gmail account to work. First, you need to log in to your Gmail account and navigate to Settings. Next, click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP.”

Then, check “Enable IMAP,” scroll down and click “Save Changes” to finish the process.

Go to the Google Security page and set up two-factor authentication, if you are not using it already. Tap on “App Passwords” and provide your login information, as reported by HowtoGeek.

Click the drop-down box and choose “Select Apps.” Next, set it to “Custom Name” to change the name to something descriptive. Once you are done, click “Generate.”

You will be given a password, so keep the window open, or you can temporarily save the password in another window. You will need it when you configure the SMS backup, according to Android Police.

Install and Configure the SMS Backup+ App

Using your Gmail account IMAP features, you can install SMS Backup+. Go to Google Play Store and download the app on your Android phone. Once it is installed, you can configure it, according to Android Authority.

First, launch the application and tap “Advanced Settings.” Next, click “Custom IMAP Server.” Once you are done, tap “Authentication” and change it from “XOAuth2” to “Plain Text.”

Tap on “Server Address,” set the IMAP server address to “” and tap on “OK.” Next, go through the rest of the options and enter your email, the password you just created, and make sure that the “Security” is set to TLS. Also, make sure that the “Trust All Certificates” option is unticked.

Return to the main menu and select “Backup.” The backup procedure will begin, and the length of time it takes will be determined on the number of messages you have. It can take as little as a minute, but if there are a lot of messages, it can take up to 30 minutes.

If you want to see if the procedure is associated with your Gmail account, go to Gmail and check the progress yourself. Simply log in to your Gmail account via a web browser, and you’ll notice a new “SMS” label. You can see the whole progress by clicking on it.

SMS Backup+ automatically backs up your text messages, allowing you to maintain your receipts even if you switch phones.

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