Glam Look Of The Day: Reality Star Chomzy Posses In Style In Birthday Photos

Reality star Chomzy shuts down the internet in electrifying pictures of herself. the pictures are to celebrate her birthday and they not only show off her fashionable side but also leave fans mesmerized.

Chomzy came to the limelight after featuring in the reality show Big Brother Nigeria season 7. The icon stormed the internet today as she marks her 24th birthday in grand style. this black dress is all suites as it matches are colour with the choice of accessories and background we are all wowed.

When it comes to fashion, chozsy has a way of looking fabulous in anything she wears. Her colour choice when picking an outfit is impeccable as she seems to know her colour combination and the colour that fits her skin tone.

The lovely suit dress was styled by @medlinboss and outfit from her ready-to-wear brand @medlinbosscouturecollection. this shows that fashion in Nigeria is something to look out for in years to come.

What do you think about this look?

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