Glam Look Of The Day: Liquorose Looks Good In Green!

In today’s glam look of the day, Liquorose takes fashion to another level with her choice of outfit. Nigerian reality tv star and dancer Roseline Ajife popularly known as Liquorose has recently uploaded some pictures showing off her outfit.

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Dazzling in a green and pink outfit adorn with shiny stones her choice of coral beads fits her complete get up.

When it comes to fashion, Liquorose explores different colors and outfit styles. She also understands the importance of color in fashion and this is one of the highlights of her fashion and style.

Let’s take a look at her outfit below:

Every celebrity has their own stylist and even if they don’t, they have the stylist they frequent. Liquorose who is mostly styled by  @medlinboss was styled by her once again.

What do you think about her outfit?

Photo credit: @Liquorose

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